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PROJECT VERT – Pyndan & Company
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Updated: March 17th 2021

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Well-known units (avoirdupois) – ounce (oz), pound (lb), stone
Large units (avoirdupois) – quarter, hundredweight (cwt), ton
Small units (avoirdupois) – dram, grain
Troy weights – pennyweight, troy ounce, troy pound
Apothecaries’ weights – scruple, apothecaries’ drachm, apothecaries’ ounce, apothecaries’ pound
Jewel weights – carat, point
Mass v. weight
Which is heavier, a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?
What is your weight in bees? Or elephants?
Well-known units – Everyone knew these and used them constantly. These weights are avoirdupois (which comes from Old French “to have weight”). These were described like that in the tables that we had to learn. Other weight systems include troy weights and apothecaries’ weights.
Type Examples
Length inch, foot, yard, mile, furlong, cubit
Area acres, roods, hides, square inches
Volume pints, gallons, pecks, bushels
Weight ounces, pounds, stone, hundredweight, tons
Money pence, thruppence, shillings, florins, half crowns
Angles points of compass, degrees, radians, mils
Weather wind, temperature, earthquakes
Other speed, acceleration, power, time
Foreign units especially those similar to Imperial Measures
Trades printers, shoes, clothes, building, farming
Documents historical documents about units of measure

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